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Hey, I'm Sil!

I’m Silvana Spence born and raised in Campo Grande-MS Brazil. I have resided in Florida The United States since 2001. I am a children’s book author, an educator, and a mother of two precious girls named Victoria and Isabella. Vicky and Bella are my partners in great adventures in real life and in fiction.:)




  • Implementing STEAM with Read -Aloud
  • Maximize materials to motivate critical thinking
  • Make real-life connections
  • Combining Science and Literacy
  • STREAM- Science _ Technology -Reading – Engineering -Arts- Math


Bella the Scientist Goes to Outer Space

Bella and Vicky are two sisters with a love for science. Wanting to learn more about the different types of scientists, they start their journey learning about astronomers. Their friend Cody the iPad takes them on an adventure through the stars to discover new facts about their solar system and the scientists who study it. 

Together with Bella and Vicky, young readers will visits planets, asteroid belts, and more. After returning safely from space, readers can continue their adventures by following along with hands-on experiments and activities at the back of the book.



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